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We just sold the largest single-family short sale in history! 18 liens totaling over $11.5 Million!


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In today's challenging real estate market, selecting the right real estate agent is crucial. It can make all the difference in the world. Whether you're planning on buying, selling, or you just have a question, feel free to call me any time. Working hard so you don't have to! 


Brian, I am so incredibly grateful...

Dear Brian: I am so incredibly grateful for what you just accomplished on my behalf. I found myself in a horrible situation that I never anticipated in a million years. I was just like all of those people that you read about. After making the deicion to sell our home, I found a very sharp, motivated Agent to put our home on the market. After months of getting offers, filling out paperwork and losing buyers because Wells Fargo did not approve the Short Sale in time (that happened 4 times) I had really given up. You stepped in and took over with a mix of confidence and honesty that I had not experienced throughout this whole ordeal. You just plowed ahead and If elt like after one year of going through this mess, I finally had an advocate that was going to make this work. You got this house soled because of your relationships, skills and insight. The fact that you were able to get the lender to write me a check for $30,000 was a miracle.
Ellen H.(June 2012)
Los Angeles 90049 

"You are my hero and I will tell everyone what an amazing job you did."

Dear Brian: I wanted to thank you so much for helping me with the sale of the home located at 280 N. Kenter. This was the most difficult and complicated short sale I have ever dealt with. You did an amazing job in no time. You are my hero and I will tell everyone what an amazing job you did. Thank you.
Fiora A. (July 2012)
Los Angeles 90049

Thank you for your generosity and support...

Dear Brian: On behalf of my client and myself, I want to thank you for your generosity and support in assisting us with my short sale transaction. Your willingness to offer advice and insight and team spirit is very much appreciated. We are all in this together and knowing that there is someone in our office who not only is so knowledgeable in this arena, but so willing to be a help is wonderful. Thank you again.

 Carole S (October 2012) 

Los Angeles 90049 

We appreciate your help and expertise...

Brian: I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate your help and expertise when we have/had questions regarding the “Short sale Process”. On numerous occasions we have sought out your advice when problems have occurred during transactions we have handled and you have been very generous with your time which has enabled us to gain the confidence to navigate through the frustrating and challenging short sale deals we have encountered. Your knowledge has added to our success in closing many sales.

 Andrew T. (October 2012)

Los Angeles 90049 

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